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Since time immemorial singing and chanting has been part of our worship of God. The Bible tells us that even the angels sing as they announce the birth of our Lord Jesus to the simple shepherds. Whether our hearts are burdened by sorrow or bursting with joy, we sing. To give God fitting honor and sing well, it requires hard work, great effort and talent. This is why Saint Augustine says “to sing is to pray twice.” 

Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 health pandemic, you are asked to refrain from singing out loud at Mass for the time being, in order to reduce the spread of this disease. This drastic measure is taken out of an abundance of caution to protect the health of those who come to Mass, since COVID-19 typically spreads through respiratory droplets from coughing, sneezing, or talking. Everyone who attends Mass is already required to wear a face mask which acts as another level of protection.

Thus, starting the weekend of July 11-12, we will discontinue the printing of the lyrics for the hymns of our Sunday Mass in the parish bulletin and we will not post them on our website either. The cantors, however, will continue to sing at our weekend Masses and all of us are invited to sing along SILENTLY in our hearts. 

Thank you for your understanding, cooperation and patience as we deal with this horrible disease together.

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    an online gateway to great catholic content

    Formed.org is an online source with thousands of movies, video programs, and ebooks exploring and explaining our Catholic faith.

    Saint Irenaeus Church has a gift for you - a free subscription to formed.org! For parishioners only: sticypress.formed.org.

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The new year has begun and March 19 marks the beginning of Spring which brings with it new life, new hope and new beginnings.

For us Catholics in the Diocese of Orange, each new year gives us an opportunity to make positive and radical changes to our parish, our diocese, and the wider community. As Bishop Kevin W. Vann reminds us, “The joyful mission of our Catholic faith is to help people find a path toward a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This happens every day in our parishes, schools and ministries throughout the Diocese of Orange.” And the vehicle that helps us accomplish this mission is our annual Pastoral Services Appeal (PSA).

Please prayerfully consider participating! 

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Thank you for your witness to Christ and your generous support.

Fraud Warning! Please be careful.

There has been a recent escalation of phone calls, text messages, and emails purportedly coming from bishops, priests, and deacons asking for personal information or money.

Please be advised that these contact attempts most certainly do not originate from bishops, priests, and deacons. They are fraudulent!

We advise you to not respond to these messages or follow any links that may be contained within them. If you believe the message to be genuine, verify it by calling the church or cathedral directly and not using a phone number provided or embedded in the text or email message.

Please call the Parish Office at (714) 826-0760 if you have any questions about this warning.