• Who is saint Irenaeus

    Feast day | June 28

    Saint Irenaeus, one of the Fathers of the Church, fought against heresy, supported the Papacy, and even helped define Matthew, Mark, Luke and John as the four Gospels. He was born probably about 125 to Christian parents living in Smynra, Asia, which is now Izmir in Turkey, an area that was home to many Christians.

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    May 2024 | FR. BINH

    Hidden Springs

    Springtime flowers paint the hours

    Where these battles have been lost and won

    Easter greets salvation's coming

    Christ the Lord is truly one

    Fragrant roses rise in deserts

    Where eternal well springs flow and run

    Restoring souls foundation soaring

    In hidden springs preserved by love!

    -Grace Whittaker, Saint Irenaeus Parishioner

    Spring is in the air and with it comes new life bringing hope to the earth and to the human hearts that lie dormant. Lent gives way to Easter.

    Let us celebrate and worship our Lord Jesus Christ-the Son of God, the Alpha and Omega, the Eternal Spring-who died and rose as he had promised. Sins are forgiven; death is vanquished. So, rejoice!


    DECEMBER 2023 | FR. BINH

    Who doesn’t like to celebrate baby showers and birthdays? These are exciting events, full of joy and expectation for the future. This is what Christmas is like, but in a more consequential and profound way. 

    Christmas commemorates the incarnation or birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Prince of Peace, Emmanuel (Is 9:6). This was made possible through the power of the Holy Spirit and the participation of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary. No matter if one is rich or poor, noble or lowly, faithful or sinful, everyone is given in equal measure God's love, mercy, joy and hope because Christ is “God with us” who promised “I am with you always, until the end of the age” (Mt 28:20).

    Therefore, let us worship the King. Let us adore and rejoice in Christ our Savior in season and out of season, for although he is the Son of God, he is also the son of Mary and member of our human family. Welcome Him into your home, your mind and your heart.


    March 31, 2023 | ERYNN SWEENEY

    Mater Dei High School, Class of 2023

    Saint Irenaeus Parish School, Class of 2019

    Faith is the impulsive love that walks on water, runs after the lost sheep and welcomes the Prodigal Son home. Faith is the reckless release of what we find comfort in holding onto while we are being held back from God.

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Enthrone the Bible in your Home

A guide to Bible enthronement in Catholic homes written by Stephen J. Binz



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