Health Ministry

Saint Irenaeus Health Ministry promotes and encourages health of body, mind and spirit through education and support for the community. Health Ministry expresses God's love and mercy daily through a multitude of compassionate and enriching programs. This ministry is dedicated to the spiritual care of our parish community.

Bridge of Light

Human Trafficking to Human Triumph

Human Trafficking is a world-wide problem with many autrocities happening right here in Orange County.

To learn what you can do to help make a brighter future possible, join us at our monthly meeting which is held on the second Wednesday of every month, send us an email, click on the photo below, or visit RCBO.

Bereavement/Grief Support

This ministry provides bereavement support to grieving parishioners both before and after the death of their loved one. For questions or more information, send an email or call 714-826-0760.


Capacitar is a program using techniques such as Tai Chi and acupressure to help people cope with trauma and stress and to improve their emotional, spiritual and physical health. Send an email to find out more about this important ministry.

Care Centers

Care center residents can enjoy being part of our Saint Irenaeus family by sharing in prayer, the Eucharist and fellowship with visiting parish volunteers. Area care facilities served include Anaheim Terrace, Karlton Care Center, Knott Avenue Care Center, Knott Avenue Residential Manor, and Sunrise Assisted Living. 

Faith Community Parish Nurse

Serving our parish community, this ministry focuses on the integration of our Catholic faith as central to healing and maintaining wellness.

Got a health related question? Call the Parish Office and ask for the Parish Nurse - we'd love to hear from you!

Funerals, Vigils, Memorial Masses

Health Ministry ensures that all parishioners receive spiritual support when a loved one dies. Volunteers assist both clergy and family to help ensure a tranquil and compassionate journey from vigil to graveside. This ministry provides assistance, guidance and comfort to families throughout these holy services. To learn more about this ministry, please call the Parish Office or send an email.

Helping Hands

Helping Hands provides individuals in crisis with temporary support, such as transportation and meals, while more permanent resources are being established. Support time generally lasts between two and four weeks. Please call the Parish Office for more information.

Homebound Eucharistic Ministry

By faithfully bringing the Gospel and Eucharist to individuals who are elderly or ill, volunteers ensure that all in our Saint Irenaeus family are able to share in God's love and mercy.


The labyrinth is deeply rooted in Christianity and can be traced to 324 A.D. where it was used as a form of pilgrimage - an acceptable alternative to a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. Praying the labyrinth in a tranquil environment takes 20-30 minutes. The slow, rhythmic walking of this full-body prayer is a most welcome respite from the noise and confusion that may clutter your daily life. Check the weekly bulletin for upcoming labyrinth events.

NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness)


This organization helps families who are coping with mental illness issues by providing information, support and agency contacts. It meets the first and third Wednesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. in classroom #7. Please contact Deacon Jerry at 310-756-4908 for more information.

Rosary Ministry

This ministry creates rosaries to present to family and friends of deceased loved ones, to those living in care facilities, to schoolchildren and to people around the world. Hundreds of handmade rosaries are given away each year. Contact Betty for more information.

Shawl Ministry

Crafter's share the warmth of God's love by creating beautiful shawls for people in need. Shawls are given to individuals who are experiencing loss, illness, loneliness or are simply yearning for the spiritual hug that these homemade gifts provide. A prayer is said with every stitch - a gift of love in every shawl.

This ministry always needs crafters - from inexperienced to expert! 

Women's Cancer Support Group

If you are newly diagnosed, receiving treatment, or a cancer survivor, please join us for our monthly Women’s Cancer Support Group meeting. Meetings are held the first Monday of each month. Our main focus is on the faith journey of each person in the group.

Please check the calendar or call the Parish Office to find out where the meeting will be held.