The heart of stewardship is gratitude.

When we are filled with gratitude we overflow with joy and the desire to share our gifts with others.

In the act of giving, God's love is magnified and - like the loaves and fish - our gifts are multiplied. 

Online Giving

How can we repay the Lord for all the good done for us? By donating!

Support a cause, contribute to a fundraiser, pledge to a charity, tithe to your church. The decision is up to you.

In this time of unprecedented economic uncertainty, we understand some families may be in dire financial difficulty. For those who are able, please consider continuing your contribution to the parish by online giving or through your offertory envelope. And for those who are financially secure, consider increasing your giving to make up for those who are unable to contribute at this stressful time. Thank you for your generosity and unwavering commitment to Saint Irenaeus Parish!


How can we share our gifts with others?

By volunteering! Feed the hungry, pray for the sick, serve donuts and coffee, teach children about God's love,

welcome visitors and parishioners, sing to the congregation - the possibilities are endless!

Afraid you don't have enough time to volunteer? It's a common concern. Our ministries vary but all offer a wide range of needs and could require as little as an

hour or two of your time a month.

Don't know where to begin? A good place to start is by attending various ministry events or by visiting the Parish Office or a Hospitality Table for a Ministry and Organization handbook.

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."

Helen Keller

Pastoral Services Appeal

The Diocese of Orange provides funding for all of its ministerial programs through the Pastoral Services Appeal (PSA). These funds are raised with the support of the Orange County parishes.

Our annual PSA pledge is part of our Christian stewardship. Our motivation for giving is gratitude for all the blessings we have received from God. We must ask ourselves, "What return shall we make to the Lord?"

Thank you in advance for your generous support - whether by prayer, action or financial donation - of this year's Pastoral Service Appeal.

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