Our Parish School

A vibrant school community has thrived within Saint Irenaeus Parish since 1963. In the beginning, a small number of students, attending grades 1st through 4th, set the stage for a parish school that has grown to include transitional kindergarten through 8th grade, a comprehensive library, a computer lab, accelerated math and reading programs, and a science room with modern workstations and equipment.

Saint Irenaeus Parish School students exemplify the Christian spirit and Catholic traditions we all strive to put into practice. Students are encouraged to be:
a faith-filled, active Catholic; a critical thinker; an effective communicator; a globally aware citizen; and a life-long learner.

Equipped with these skills and the support of an engaged parent community, Saint Irenaeus Parish School students emerge from their school as
well-rounded, educated and spiritually nourished individuals.